We are a service company in the field of medical technology and manufacture sophisticated medical products. We offer comprehensive services in product development and market introduction.

Our strength lies in working in partnership with our experienced physicians as spine specialists, customers as distributors and our suppliers in the production of complex and high-quality medical products.

With the use of our infrastructure and technology we want to offer interesting, future-oriented jobs and offer efficient solutions for demanding customer requirements with well-trained, highly motivated employees.

Our Team

Dr. med. Christian Bärlocher
CEO & Founder

Specialist FMH for Neurosurgery
Interventional Pain Management (SSIPM)

Ramon Raebel

Quality Control,
Purchasing, IT

Aouda Ouzzaa

Head of Regulatory and Quality Management & Product Management

Doctor of pharmacy; Auditor Leader

Sofiane Abdelkrim

Regulatory Affairs & IT

Master in biomaterial and IT

Giulia Bärlocher

Assistant Management

Eliane Bärlocher

Human Resources & Accounting